Maintenance for companies

We provide different computer maintenance service models that allow large and small companies to achieve the best results for their business.

We offer an economic and very profitable service for your company with our computer maintenance plans.

As well as advising you, we listen to your suggestions and propose improvements which reduce your costs and increase the  productivity and efficiency of your company.

When a problem occurs we act by giving remote support or by coming to your offices to solve it. Our computer maintenance department will document and analyse the problem in order to automate a solution in the event of any re-occurrence.

After a short time your computer system will have no problems.

This is how we achieve significant savings to your direct costs (servicing hours, call-outs, loss of working hours, etc.) and to your indirect costs (corporative image, dissatisfaction in the workplace, etc.) and great improvement in in efficiency and satisfaction. You will benefit from our prices for computer maintenance services. 

Start to receive benefits for your company with a full-time computer department for very little money!! 

We have personnel who are fully trained and up-to-date in the latest computer maintenance technologies.

Request an estimate for maintenance.

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